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De-armouring Foundational Training - Colorado


11 day training! An in-depth journey into body de-armouring and sexual healing techniques.  

Video of the training:

During the retreat, you will be equipped with the knowledge and hands-on practice in releasing emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain from the body in a healthy, loving and safe way.

Led and held by De'an Matuka, Sanna Sanita and Susanne Roursgaard, all dedicated to bringing transformation to their clients with many years of experience as practitioners, workshop leaders and coaches. Supported by a team of highly skilled space holders.

The nature of de-armouring is such that learning it requires participants to receive a number of sessions, to practise on others, and to study and learn the theory. For that reason this training will be very intense, and at times will feel like a mixture of a workshop and a practitioners training.

Who is this retreat for:
The prerequisite for attendance to this training is either personal or professional experience in bodywork, tantra, or energy-work.
We invite professional bodyworkers, sexual healers, tantric masseuses, tantric practitioners, and anyone else who is serious about learning de-armouring.

You will be taught:
- A safe and responsible way of de-armouring a body.
- How to invite the body to open deeply:
a way of working where instead of using force to push through the armour you simply invite the body to open, and follow it's impulses until it takes you right down to it's full depth effortlessly.
- External and internal body de-armouring:
whole body including lingam, yoni, cervix, anus and throat.
- TRE method (or self-dearmouring):
Powerful and effective tool to use on yourself to heal trauma, balance the nervous system, release chronic tension and harmonise the psoas muscle.
- Theory of de-armouring:
going deep into all the important aspects of it, giving you hours of hard core knowledge.
- Ethics and responsibilities:
getting you to fully understand the depth of responsibility when it comes to doing this kind of work, teaching you essential procedures and practices to make sure your sessions are safe and effective on all levels.
- Pressure points:
where to touch, how & why. There are many points on the body, and many ways of touching it, that can facilitate the opening and the healing process.
- Energy work:
how to activate the energy in the body and use it within the session
- Session space setting:
how to create a safe, emotionally and spiritually connected energy container within which you offer your sessions.
- Wheel of Consent:
teaching you/your clients how to communicate and act with integrity and clarity
- Empowerment techniques:
how to support yourself and others in taking full responsibility for your experiences in life.
- Space holding:
showing you and teaching you many aspects of the space holding skill
- Sensual massage:
it is necessary to know how to touch the body in a sensuous way as this is a part of every de-armouring session.
- Raising sexual energy:
how to arouse a body into ecstatic pleasure, learning erogenous zones and specific points externally and internally.
- Advanced body reading:
how to know what someones body said to you? We'll teach you to read it like an open book.
- Reparenting: 
the theory of re-parenting; what are mama/papa issues; recognising early childhood patterns and how to work with them.

Disclaimer; The content of the training may vary a little depending on the group.

We'll offer you:
- A certificate of Attendance (We reserve the right to withhold the certificate if your attendance and presence are not felt full and complete).
- Rich daily programme mixing learning and practicing.
- Full length demonstrations of each process we teach.
- Around 40 hours of supervised practice time.
- One to one tuition and support at all times, day and night.
- A manual of de-armouring
- Highly nutritious vegetarian food.

Once participants complete this Foundational Training they have access to Further levels of the training (Level 2, 3 & 4), designed to deepen their knowledge and skills, and keep them progressing on the path of becoming solid de-armouring practitioners. 

Date: 20th – 30th March 2019
Retreat starts at 4 pm sharp on 20th. Retreat ends 4-6 pm on 30th. 

Location & accommodation:
Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado, USA

Workshop fee - $1,950
Super early bird - $300 off (ends 20th July 2018 - full payment only)
Early bird - $150 off (ends 20th September 2018 - full payment only)

o secure your place we require $500 non-refundable deposit. Full payment by 10th February 2019.

Cancellations policy:
If you pay in full and cancel your participation before 10th February 2019 we will refund your money minus $500 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel after 10th February 2019 we will NOT refund any money to you.

Accommodation and food:

Rates apply per person per 24-hour period and are inclusive of accommodations, three meals and a snack.

Dorm - $97.00 per person per night. - 10 nights = $ 970
Triples - $106.00 per person per night. - 10 nights = $ 1,060
Doubles - $119.00 per person per night. - 10 nights = $ 1,190
Singles - $147.00 per person per night. - 10 nights = $ 1,470
Single Apartment room - $179.00 per person per night. - 10 nights = $ 1,790
2 bedroom Apartment - $330.00 per person per night. - 10 nights = $3,300

To contact or register, send mail to:

Sanna Sanita -
De'an Matuka -
Susanne Roursgaard -

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Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage - Bali Month Long Practitioner Training


Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training, One-Month Residential

The dates of the training: 23rd of January - 20th of February, 2018
Be aware that this training is not offered every year!!! Now is a unique opportunity to join it because noone ever offered such a comprehensive Tantra Massage course before. It’s going to be a lot of fun and very enlightening.

Mystic Tantra Massage Training (Weeks 1 & 2)

The Mystic Tantra Massage Training is an exquisite opportunity to experience and learn two of the most delicious and profound Tantra massages one could imagine. This training is suitable for individuals, couples and massage therapists. This training focuses on the art of Tantra massage from both the Kashmiri and Taoist Traditions. Tantra massage, in its pure form, harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul. The teaching environment and techniques we offer are sensitive, healing and sublime.

Tantra is a spiritual lifestyle which offers techniques to support the merging of opposite polarities within. Through Tantra massage, the results for awakening a profound spiritual state of being are astonishing. Sex and spirit, inner child and adult, masculine and feminine, all merge into the experience of our essential nature, which lies at the heart of duality.

When we work with the body with conscious touch, we rediscover what it means to live fully in the present moment. The body is always in the Here and Now. By moving into massage as an awareness technique, a meditation, and a path to awakening, we receive a transmission of the power of now to bring us in deep communion with eternity, beyond time and mind.

For people who are already massage therapists, these ancient Tantra massage techniques will enhance the repertoire you can offer to people in sessions. For those who would like to explore Tantra massage as a couple, this training will serve to transform your relationship; helping you to further open to pleasure, sensuality and intimacy. For individuals who wish to experience the power of Tantra Massage, this training will help you to connect in a more conscious and sensitive way with your friends and lovers.

There are no "beginner" or "advanced" methods, but rather, touch becomes a meditation, the depths of which can lead to experience Samadhi. The quality of your meditation depends on how totally you bring yourself into the practice. Going deeply into Tantric Massage, giver and receiver both disappear into the Tantric Circle of energy exchange.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding about the meaning of Tantra massage. Some people believe it is all about sexual pleasuring leading to a ‘happy ending.' This is a misconception of what Tantra massage is. We will not be teaching happy endings. We will be sharing the experience of divine bliss in the wholeness of your being. There is a saying, "Ignorance has no beginning but has an ending. Enlightenment has a beginning, but no ending." This saying contains the essence of Tantra Massage.

The Mystic Tantra Massage Training has been co-created by the Tantra-Essence Team, bringing together the expertise of several individuals gifted in many different massage techniques. The Training is being held on the Island of Bali in Indonesia. As well as being trained in Tantra Massage, you will also have time to enjoy the wonders of the sea, sun, and gorgeous natural ambience. We welcome you to come and discover the joy of being deeply nurtured in this pleasure filled holiday training.

Mystic Tantra Massage is taught by Ma Ananda Sarita and Dharmaraj of the Tantra Essence Team.

For more Information and Booking, please contact Dharmaraj -


The Art of Conscious, Loving and Sensitive Erotic Massage

This Training includes sensitive internal touch of the sexual organs and anus. This may be sexually stimulating or emotionally activating and is best practiced with an intimate partner. We welcome both couples and singles, but we ask that if you are single, we recommend that you come with a partner or a friend who you are willing to practice intimate erotic massage with, though you may also come alone. 

This Training offers a holistic approach to Yoni and Lingam Massage, including whole body massage, mapping of external and internal erogenous zones, emotional healing through erotic touch, the art of touch as meditation, and touch as a portal into expanded states of consciousness. The training is experiential and also includes dance, movement, emotional release, sharing, ritual and celebration

Our aim is to heighten the quality of lovemaking for couples and offer healing and alignment for those who sense that they would like to awaken more of their erotic and sexual potential. The Tantra perspective brought to this work allows us to open into the fullness of the divine feminine and divine masculine. 

For those who are already massage Therapists or who may have received sexual touch training from somewhere else, you can enhance your repertoire through the ultra sensitive perspective offered in this Training. 


Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world. Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation. At the same time, she helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and consultant.

Sarita was already very sensitive to subtle energies and guidance from Spirit as a child, and as a young teenager she left her home town in California and went in search of the essence of life. She hitch-hiked her way throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and India. She met Osho in Mumbai India at the age of 17, and subsequently remained in his community for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation, Tantra, Love and Relationship.

Sarita works with a team of highly gifted Tantra Teachers, who have all apprenticed with her and who also teach all over the world.

Maria Fazzingo

Maria Fazzingo is an American based Tantra yoga teacher, intuitive healer and bodyworker who travels the world organizing, facilitating and co-teaching groups along with some of the best names in the field. Co-founder of The Sensorium, a portal for human exploration, transformational growth and the art of conscious relating from sexuality to spirituality. Maria has a thriving private practice as a Tantra Massage Therapist and Coach. Aside from being classically trained in several traditional lineages in the art of authentic Tantra massage, Maria has developed her own unique style and mix of modalities that is proved reliable and effective. This will be the fifth time Maria is joyfully collaborating with Tantra Essence.


Dharmaraj has been teaching Tantra Massage and giving Tantra Massage sessions professionally since 2012. He is faculty in Ma Ananda Sarita’s Tantra-Essence school, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with Charles Muir’s Source School of Tantra Yoga, has also trained in massage with Nisarga Dobosz of the Integral Body Institute. As a couple, Dharmaraj and Sarita teach together around the world, facilitating Tantra groups for couples as well as singles. Dharmaraj is a trained Doctor and an experienced holistic healer in many healing modalities, including ColorLight Therapy and Tachyon Healing.

WEEK 4 - Advanced Mystic Tantra Massage & Integration of Methods

We will integrate all methods learned, and bring internal genital massage to the Kashmiri Tantra Massage and Taoist Tantra Massage methods, and we will give you all the tools you need to be able to practice these massage methods professionally.

For more Information and Booking, please contact Maria -




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7:00 PM19:00

International Day of Yoga 2018 - Sunset Beach Event with Tantra Warm Up


SENSORIUM PRESENTS: FREE EVENT - International Day of Yoga 2018

TICKETS: Event is Free, Donations to support abused women and victims of domestic violence in Gujarat, India.

Sunset Beach Yoga Event with Live Indian Soundscapes and Tantra Warmup.  

First proposed in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2014 by the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi, finally proclaiming Yoga as India's gift to the world and then later submitting in December 2014 by the Government of India, Resolution 69/131 was unanimously adopted by 177 co-signing countries of the United Nations General Assembly, declaring that June 21 Summer Solstice would forever be recognized as the International Day of Yoga!!!!!!

"Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and with nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well being. Let us work towards adopting an International Day of Yoga." -Sri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Join SKYLIGHT YOGA for an unforgettable 2018 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA sunset beach yoga class, tantra warm up with Maria Fazzingo of Sensorium and Indian music soundscapes provided by Fernando Subirats, Amir Sultan, Nandana and Vishnu Ramankutty. The oceanside yoga class will be guided by Sujal Sudarshan H. V. Patel, founder of SKYLIGHT YOGA, an experienced teacher and torchbearer of classical yoga in the modern day.

Admission is free!!! Class starts at 7PM.

Share the peace with your mother, sister, cousin and your niece!!!

Om Tat Sat.



Maria Fazzingo, Sensorium

Sujal Sudarshan H. V. Patel, SKYLIGHT YOGA

Fernando Subirats, Santoor & Tabla
Nandana, Indian Flute
Amir Sultan, Global Percussion
Vishnu Ramankutty, Drums & Violin

This event is completely Free/Donation and ALL proceeds will go directly to support abused women and victims of domestic violence in Gujarat, India. Thank you!!!

Connect with your family:

Vishnu Ramankutty [@raganuga]
Ann Hoffman [
Amir Sultan [@amirsultanpercussion]
Fernando Subirats [@miamitabla]
Maria Fazzingo []
Sujal Sudarshan []

with SKYLIGHT YOGA & Family
June 21, 2018 (Summer Solstice)

More information @

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Sensorium’s Live Events
7:00 PM19:00

Sensorium’s Live Events

Sensorium the Essence of Happy: Level 2
Saturday, April 28th, 2018
7 PM - 10 PM

The Sensorium is a new school for conscious relating and human heart based connections based on tantric principles. We provide powerful tools and lovingly guide you through experiential practices so that you can thrive in your life, relationships and intimacy.

After the successful launch of our first workshop in January with a fantastic turnout and even better, high vibrations and great energy amongst the participants rising throughout the event - people are asking us for more! Our next level Sensorium workshop - April 28th, at Inhale Miami
6310 NE 2nd Avenue, 
Miami, FL 33138

You will be lead through dynamic tantric meditations, practices and sacred rituals that create a deeper embodiment of love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. This allows you to travel with greater ease and more pleasure throughout your life, moving from longing to belonging. Discover your inner landscape and share practices to create a better "response-ability" through learning how to come from the empowered place of balance with our inner and outer worlds.

Learn the effective ancient Tibetan Tonglen meditation of giving and receiving to clear blockages so we can transform our journey together clearing the collective pain of the wounded masculine and feminine energies that we all carry in us.

We will be exploring our boundaries in a safe setting through exercises where we honor our feelings, speak our truth and get proven methods of conflict resolution. Provided are exercises for being more present and therefore more confident in our interactions.

Fall into your heart space and connect from that pure place with everyone in the room. A safe place is realized from where we can relate with everyone from our vulnerable true heart space while staying connected to our inner strength.

Looking forward to see you on this transformational journey!

The Sensorium

A collective of heart felt passionate change makers committed to integrity in all that we do. The Sensorium is a portal for human exploration, transformational growth and the art of conscious relating with ourselves, each other and the world. We care deeply about friends, families, community and our planet.

Create a global network where you can access the most compelling leaders, facilitators and coaches in the realm of sexology, tantra, movement, mindfulness, transformation, empowerment and relationships both online and live through workshops, classes, retreats and coaching.

To make a positive influence in the paradigm shift, to create a sense of community in a world devoid of true connection and to awaken your senses for a vibrant existence. We support you in finding your purpose, passion and power because your happiness is our happiness.

Your Sensorium facilitators Maria Fazzingo and Ella Vate:

MARIA is a global teacher of tantra and yoga as well as a gifted healer. Once awakened she had a profound personal experience that led to a radical transformation putting her on the path of living a tantric lifestyle, forever changing her perspective and life. She embraced the concepts and practices of self love. Her life became more harmonious, full of purpose, aliveness, pleasure, peace and being love-able. From this space she shares with others on a journey towards self discovery where one can be supported to live fully in their utmost potential with a higher degree of consciousness, vitality and fulfillment. As a Tantra Practitioner, Maria offers modern day dakini support, classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions that combine experiential and somatic practices based in spirituality, Tantra Yoga-bodywork, sexology, energetic orgasmic potential, healing, dance, tantric arts, kundalini activation, women’s circles and more. She has a passion for bringing people and international renowned teachers and practitioners together in heart centered events and sessions, introducing the Tantra to South Florida and in growing the community.
ELLA has been a seeker of truth and ways to expand her consciousness since childhood. She is fascinated with human interactions in the individual and the collective as well as spiritual topics as she has always intrinsically known that body, mind and spirit are ONE, Drawn to Eastern philosophies, she practices Buddhism, Tantra and OSHO’s teachings as well as Shamanic traditions of the indigenous people of the Amazon and energy healing for over a decade. Ella has a Masters in communications and applies the practices mentioned from a place of authenticity, experience and unconditional love. In her individual, couples and group sessions she taps into source energy and allows spirit to guide her. Through her spiritual path Ella found her way back home to her true nature: self love, confidence, trust, integrity, happiness and a sense of purpose and belonging. Here to share and assist people to elevate their lives, she supports clients as a certified Health and Relationship Coach, Tantra educator and Reiki Master. She guides individuals, couples and groups into higher places of love, connection, intimacy, energy, creativity, consciousness, balance and harmony and helps them find back to their true ecstatic nature.
Sensorium the Essence of Happy: Level 2
April 28th, 2018
7 PM - 10 PM

Inhale Miami
6310 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33138
$45 Pre-Sale
$55 Door

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