What Is Sensorium

A global portal where you can access some of the most compelling leaders, facilitators and coaches in the realm of transformational growth, the art of conscious relating, healthy intimacy, somatic sexual wholeness, tantric practices, meditation, yoga and holistic healing. Sensorium is a home for heartfelt human exploration, with ourselves, each other and the world.


What We Do:

We support you to discover the best version of yourself. Awaken your senses for a vibrant existence to live your life to its fullest potential.  We create community that offers a sense of belonging, authentic connections and love. We offer online educational programs, webinars, seminars, workshops, retreats, coaching and bodywork sessions.


Why We Are Here:

Because we are passionate conscious change makers called to contribute to a positive paradigm shift. We support people in liberating themselves from the societal conditioning and programing that keeps us blocked from living the brilliance of our true nature.

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Joseph Fathalla